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What is Global College?
Global College is an upper secondary school that is located in the centre of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Our school is a public school with approximately 700 students between the ages of 16-19, and 60 teachers. All public schooling in Sweden is free of charge and co-educational.

Programmes and profiles

The students apply to our school out of an interest for global issues. We offer three different programmes: the social science programme with a global profile, the art programme and the natural science programme
- both with a social science profile. The programmes and their profiles differ somewhat in the range of subjects offered, but the teaching methods are the same, as well as the overall focus on sustainable development, children's rights, democracy, equality and promoting an understanding for our multicultural world.

Pedagogical methods
Our pedagogical methods include a strong belief in the importance of putting democracy into practise and letting our students partake in democratic procedures concerning all educational matters. In the highest decision and policy making body, the School Conference, both staff and students are represented in equal numbers, which means that the students are truly able to influence their own school situation. Moreover, our teaching methods are based on a multidisciplinary approach and our students have a number of subject integrated projects every year to complete. Besides gaining knowledge of complex global issues, students also learn to work in groups and to co-operate towards a common goal when working in the form of projects.

Another aspect of the school which plays an important role in our students' education and in the methods chosen for teaching is the use of cutting edge information technology. The students have their own laptop computers with wireless access to the Internet at all times and the school has its own intranet with specially designed features for pedagogical purposes.

Our vision
The vision of Global College is that the school should be the best upper secondary school in Sweden, through its pedagogical idea and way of organizing the education and clear structure for democratic procedures to. Global College should also be a forerunner when it comes to developing pedagogical methods that increase young peoples' commitment to global development issues and their capability to affect community development. The vision of Global College is that the students, through their education, should gain:
- a creative, critical and analytical way of thinking;
- a better understanding of themselves and their possibilities for personal development;
- a realization of self development together with, and through other people;
-the strength to implement their own visions and to consider the impact of their actions;
- insights into global issues, both problems and possibilities for change;
- an understanding of the fact that our future must be built on sustainable development


For more information, please contact Ms Jenny Hyenstrand or/and Ms Sofie Abrahamsson, both headmasters of Global College.

Contact information:
Ms Jenny Hyenstrand/Ms Sofie Abrahamsson
Hornsgatan 93
117 28 Stockholm

Phone: +46(0)8-508 398 51