Global College - a school out of the ordinary

In year three, the final year of studies at upper secondary school in Sweden, all students complete a 100-point project, which at Global College integrates a number of subjects and takes a full year to complete. The project's form can vary depending on the program (science, social science, art). A number of students travel abroad for field studies, while others work in conjunction with different organisations in Sweden. Third-year English at Global College has focused on providing an atmosphere in which students use English as their working language (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR, level C1 or higher). This has been combined with the resuts of the students' projects in the following articles and reports to provide an insight into life and work at Global College. Here are their stories...

Global College - a school out of the ordinary
By Anna Ericsson 












"In order to find out what kind of school Global College in Stockholm is, it has to be experienced. The atmosphere, as well as the people and the constant flow of knowledge, is something of true value, obvious to each person walking through the school's open doors.

As a student at Global College, you are one of about 500 students who all have a specific interest in common: a little thing called the world. A common expression is that the world is small, which it certainly is today. Every day countries, cultures, languages and people are getting closer to each other due to globalization. However, this intensifies the need for us to broaden our perspectives. Therefore, education at Global College is focused on global issues, encouraging students to have a wide perspective when approaching problems that we as inhabitants of the earth encounter every day. We are taught to consider the fact that we have only one planet and that it is therefore important that we respect the environment and human rights in order to achieve our common goal: that of actually being able to keep living here together.

There are three options regarding the choice of programs at Global College, with a focus on arts and communication, the environment and health, or global studies. All programs are based on the idea of a global perspective. Regardless of the subject, different perspectives of, for instance, social and economic structures, political systems, cultures, and traditions or beliefs are considered.

Characteristic for the school is working with projects, which enables students to increase their knowledge of a specific topic through more than one subject. For example, you might have a project regarding a country. In order to cover as many areas as possible concerning this country, subjects such as history, social science, a language, religion and global science may all be integrated within the same project. This results in schedules varying from week to week.

Due to the projects, group work constitutes a major part of our education. The experience of collaboration, as well as of taking the responsibility that is required, is highly instructive, not to mention the fact that it is an excellent preparation for future work.

However, in spite of the outstanding education, the school's atmosphere is the greatest benefit of studying at Global College. The common interest in people that exists among the students has contributed to an attitude of empathy, respect and tolerance. In brief, there is a great level of acceptance here, which there is a shortage of in many other environments. This has resulted in all kinds of people studying here, with different origins and interests. This is a school for everyone who has the ambition of making a difference in a world that is full of prejudice and suffering, regardless of lifestyle, interests, past or dreams, all are welcome at Global College. Everyone is welcome to take the first step of the long, challenging path of making our planet a better home for everyone."